Kevin Miles (talaisan) wrote in t_tco_ws,
Kevin Miles

A question.

Okay, given that I don't think I'm going to get more members in the near future, I suppose now is a good time to start getting into the meat of things.

What should religion be?

I'm not talking about any particular religion, or what it should be to a particular person, I'm talking about in the big, general sense.  If you were starting a religion from scratch, day one, no cards on the table, what would your goal be?  If you were able to find that perfect faith, one that agreed with you in every way that mattered, what would it be like?
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There would be unanswered questions. Things yet to be known but a peace that came with it all with the knowledge that someday, those questions would be answered, but for now, it's ok to just wonder.

Religion, a perfect religion not just a faith, should be accepting of wonder and speculation.