Kevin Miles (talaisan) wrote in t_tco_ws,
Kevin Miles

This is beginning to seem redundant.

Yet again, the combination of homosexuality and religion is making the news.

The head of the Southern Baptist Church has managed to offend both conservatives and liberals with his latest pronouncement.  That's right folks, this guy thinks that homosexuality is genetic, and that we could "fix" unborn babies in the womb so they'd come out straight.  On the one hand, liberals are offended by the admittedly consistent stance that homosexuality is wrong.  On the other hand, conservatives are very unhappy at the thought of MESSING WITH AN UNBORN FETUS!

How often can you manage to offend the vast majority of the world's population with a single web post?

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Hehe, it'll be *very* interesting to see how the conservative side will take this...

Will they allow their children to be gay, or will they allow doctors to fuck with their fetuses....If they go with option B, will abortion be legal everywhere (since it's also fucking with a fetus)? hmmm...

Hehe. let the games begin, bitches! *sits back and watches the chaos ensue*