The Lady Kat Quynne (carmineclover) wrote in t_tco_ws,
The Lady Kat Quynne

Can I ask one?

Spiritual duality in all things...yes or no? 

All things includes plants, rocks, animals, people, etc. Not just talking about how a rock has a light side and a side in shadow either.

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I think for something to have spiritual duality, that is, if I read you correctly, to posess both a dark spirit and a light spirit, that whatever it is must first posess a spirit. That counts out the inanimate unliving, in my book, aside from special cases, and in those it seems to be a case of contamination, if that's the word.

Animals, certainly. In my experience, the light side seems predominant in nearly all creatures of nature. Even mosquitoes. Yes, they suck, but they're just fulfilling their purpose, however annoying it is. Like IRS agents, sort of.

Similarly plants and such.

Now, contamination. A rock has no spirit to speak of. But if it is seen as having one by a person, a bit of that person rubs off on that rock, transference or contamination. The stronger the belief, and the more people believing, the stronger the tansference, and the longer that contamination remains. So, for example, while stonehenge is simply an astronomically signifigant arrangement of rocks, it is possessed of a powerful transferred spirit thanks to millenia of belief by a huge number of different people.
That's exactly what I mean, a lighter and darker side or spirit.

Like I stated in the previous topic, I do not believe everything/one is endowed with a spirit/soul. I would agree that animals seem to be a bit heavy on the lighter side but then again so do the mentally handicapped while the mentally deranged, and animals bred for violence, would, assuming they had souls, seem to be more on the darker end of the spectrum. But do they have a small light/dark side somewhere within as well?

I think that there is the potential for good and evil, light and dark, within everything endowed with a soul. I mean EVERYTHING. If a rock, (following your analogy) had a soul, or just parts of various people's souls contaminating it, does it also have the light and dark sides or just the side that contaminated it. For instance, if someone imagined a rock comming to life and bashing itself into the back of someone's head, that would be the darker side of that person placing that belief on the rock. Does it maintain only that dark part of the person or does it also take with it a peice of that person's potential for good?

Take my computer for example. I named him Squishy and he's obviously a him to me. I believe he has life. Not a soul, but life, and a conciousness of his own. He chooses to behave and he chooses to misbehave but he is motivated not by morals or emotions, (things I believe to accompany a soul) but rather by the reaction of the owner/user. He explores the owner/user's strengths and weaknesses by performing or not performing certain tasks. All that motivates him, or any other soulless being/object, is the desire for knowledge and understanding. Although my phrasing makes that sound as if he has emotions, I think the desire for knowledge and understanding is more basic than any other emotion. Way back in time if you believe in evolution, you can see that all things living have in some way been constantly learning and adapting. That's the basic desire to know/understand your surroundings and avoid the dangers and reap the rewards available to you.

Ok I think I'm starting to contridict myself so I better stop and leave it at this for now.